Friday 22nd August 2014 - Married for 1737 days

Wedding Party

Read our fun profiles of the bridesmaids and the best man, as well as some little-known facts about our families!

Best Man
Petros Papadopoulos

PetrosA true Greek demigod: Sport-Science Degree, Business Studies Master and a PhD to round things up, all in record time and with honors. I really don't know how he made it but he still had plenty of time left that we spent hitting the campus parties, pumping iron in the gym, up to three 20k moutain bike sessions in a day and all sorts of crazy stuff like a spontaneous short trip across the Atlantic. Good old times...

Nim and Nicky

NimI met Nim drinking beer and we have shared MANY since. We hit it off straight away and began our journey as mates. She is beautiful and super talented...I feel like I've known her forever and I'm so proud to have her as my friend.
NickyNicky is the most organised person I know. The dedication she puts into everything is impeccable and tidy is an understatement. I love her decisiveness, and I think she loves passing these skills on to me. She is my adorable, beautiful friend.

The Schirbels
Urs' Family

NorbertBig Daddy
SigridLittle Mumma with the Big Heart
JanCrocodile Jan Dee
LeaThe Horse Whisperer

The Tonkins
Ami's Family

RogerThe Legend
JaneThe Lady with the Heart of Gold
DanA Made Man
JonoMr....oops I mean 'Dr' Tonkin

Toastmaster and Flower girl
2 more special helpers

BobAmi's super duper Uncle Bob will be our Toastmaster on the day - the perfect man for the job!
ElodieAmi's beautiful 2nd cousin Elodie will be our flower girl...our little princess!